Dolphin Dance Lyrics

I'm a big fan of Herbie Hancock, especially the "Quintet" that came out of the Miles Davis high-bop quintet of the 60s, and re-appeared later as "V.S.O.P." His tune "Dolphin Dance" from the "Maiden Voyage" album is one of my favorites, and way back in my college days I was inspired to write a verse of lyrics for it.

It was performed in 2000 by Diane Hubka on her album "Look No Further" (Challenge A-Records).

It was performed in 2019 by Pascale Elia on her album "And Still We Dream" (see video here).

Dolphin Dance (music by Herbie Hancock)
Written 1979, First Publication 2000
Copyright © 2000 Daniel Krimm

Under the sun
Over the seas
Dance with a dolphin
Out in the breeze

A tail dives under, away
Freedom -- just frolic and play

But wait, give me a chance
A little romance
I'll follow you close, now
Throw me a glance

Can I find a way to touch you?
Will I find a way to save the joy that you awake in me?