Demo Cassette, recorded May 1990

   Dan Krimm  --  Electric Bass   

Footprints (3:00)
Jewel (3:30)
Summertime (2:45)
Spirit Dance (3:30)
Walden (2:50)
Goodbye Porkpie Hat (2:35)

Wayne Shorter
1980 Dan Krimm (Krimbo Music, BMI)
George Gershwin
1981, 1986 Dan Krimm (Krimbo Music, BMI)
1980 Dan Krimm (Krimbo Music, BMI)
Charles Mingus

(P) 1990 Daniel Krimm

Produced by Dan Krimm and David Stone
Engineered by David Stone and Ethan Ryman
Recorded May 12, 1990 and mixed May 22, 1990 at The Box Recording, NYC
Digitally Mastered

All Music Performed by Dan Krimm on fretless electric bass/baritone guitar (multitrack)

Dan Krimm plays a fretless Pentabuzz bass guitar by M.V. Pedulla Guitars, Rockland, MA, strung with a high-C as a 5th string.

Special thanks to David Stone for his expertise and ears.

Additional comments

This recording demonstrates complete multi-track arrangements (bass, chord, melody, solo) for six tunes, three of which are original compositions.

Typically, the first track recorded is usually a combined bass/chord part (Walden is the exception, where the bass line is separate from the chords, because they are not possible to play simultaneously in a single hand position).

Melody is the second track recorded, on the heads only (on Footprints, the harmony line on the heads is a third track). Then, during solo sections, the combined bass/chord part may split off into two separate tracks (bass part continues on the first track, chord comping is added on a new track). And, solos are dubbed on a new track as well.

Footprints has the most tracks (5), with a bass/chord track, a melody track, a harmony track, a chord-comp track under the solo, and a solo track.

The Pedulla Buzz bass design runs a full 24-semitones (two octaves) on the fingerboard, and with the high-C string for the 5th string, the top note on the standard fingerboard is C above middle-C. This allows for substantial mid-to-high range, for chording and melodic soloing. (This is also typical on many contemporary bass guitars with 6 or 7 strings.)