Dan Krimm, Bassist/Composer

Dan Krimm is a fretless electric bass guitarist
and composer, focusing on progressive jazz
and other forms of improvisation.

What you can find here:
information about the music
music-related writing
other music-related activities


New Shoots
Trio album with Gary Monheit and special guest Scott Amendola, recorded 2015, released March 6, 2016

Last Chance Jazz
Third album, recorded 1993 (live concert video), mastered and released 2013

Subtle Truth
Second album, recorded/released 1991 (remastered/re-released 2011)

Extra Basses
Unreleased demo (precursor to Subtle Truth, multi-track bass overdub arrangements), recorded 1990

Debut album, recorded 1985/released 1986 (remastered/re-released 2011)

Ma Nishtana -- The Blues Version (free MP3 download)
A recording of the Four Questions from the Passover seder as a 12-bar blues, music composed/arranged and all parts performed by Dan Krimm, listen at your own risk.

Live performances
Info about upcoming gigs and recent past performances

All album tracks are up on YouTube, and you can play the full album by clicking on the album cover on each album page linked above. I've also created four thematic playlists here, drawing from all four albums (plus the two bonus/cover tracks from the live concert):

Short music-related bio of me


GrooveLily CD Review
Some good friends of mine released a CD in 2003 that kicks butt. If you don't know about them and like intelligent pop music, check 'em out and check out their web site.

Jazz Reviews
A couple of brief stints as a reviewer under the pseudonym "Aubrey Dannault"

Music Unbound
A web site I maintain devoted to the proposition that commercial/professional music is stuck in rigid concepts of style, genre and format, and needs to be broken out of arbitrary categories in order for music as an art form to flourish properly.


WiReD/Listening Post blog post
I had a whimsical idea driving on the freeway and posted it to the Pho email list, and Eliot Van Buskirk thought it was worth posting to his blog at WiReD (shared with Sean Michaels) called Listening Post.


Statement to US Delegation to WIPO
A group of over 20 people representing various public interest groups and businesses met with the US Delegation to WIPO to voice concern with proposed provisions and policy formulation process for the WIPO Broadcasting Treaty. I was present, and gave this statement. (PDF version) (February 2006)

Bounded Choice: The Illusion of Flexibility in a Controlled World (PDF)
This 5-page essay addresses growing threats to competition and choice of information in the new-media world, and the need to pro-actively oppose these developments so as to protect the principles of 'Open-End-to-End' and 'Control-of-Root'. (August 2005)
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Response to Neil Turkewitz
Neil Turkewitz, Executive Vice President of the RIAA, criticizes those advocating for the public interest in copyright policy, on Cultural Commons. This is my response. (December 2004)

Creating a Merit-Based Music Economy:
Compulsory or Blanket Licensing for Interactive Subscription Services (HTML)

A paper about the problems with the music market structure, possible corrections, and action items required for the fix. (PDF version) (September 2001, rev. June 2003)

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