Dan Krimm Bio

Dan Krimm began studying music formally with classical piano and violin lessons while in elementary school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the 60s. He concentrated on violin through high school, also picking up acoustic guitar informally in junior high.

While in college at Princeton in the 70s, he got hooked by the contemporary developments in jazz, especially including Chick Corea's 'Return to Forever' group and a host of artists recording for ECM Records. In 1975, he bought his first electric bass, and began learning the instrument, the jazz form and improvisation, and composition.

At Princeton he played with hammer-style guitarist Stanley Jordan, recorded with Anthony Branker, co-led his own group with pianist Gary Monheit, and played with many others, moving to New York City in 1981.

Dan was awarded an NEA Jazz Fellowship Grant in 1984, and recorded two albums of mostly original compositions for his own label, Overtone Records (Sentience, 1986, guest artists: Vic Juris/guitar, Marty Fogel/sax; Subtle Truth, 1991).

In addition to leading his own groups for several years in New York City (variously including Gary Monheit, Grant Jarrett, Jan Leder, Scott Healy, Gary Gibbons, Rolf Sturm, Mike Foster and Tom Nazziola) and performing with a wide variety of others, he has recorded and performed with folk singer/songwriter Margo Hennebach and jazz singer Arlette Beauchamps, performed regularly with guitarist Chris Joannou and singer-songwriter Susan Fiering, and was a founding member of the exploratory music group Monkeyworks.

Dan moved to Los Angeles in 2000. He has recorded and performed with avant-improv percussionist Rich West. He has also performed with post-bop jazz guitarist Kim Reith, as well as free-improv jams with people like Bruce Friedman and Natural Music (John Coker and Ed Nunnery).

Dan moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 and began playing with the modern-jazz quintet Fortune Smiles, including Gary Monheit on piano. He and Gary now play together as a duo and recorded the album New Shoots in 2015, released 2016. (See upcoming and recent performances.)

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 * 2016:   Gary Monheit/Dan Krimm, "New Shoots" (Another Pass Productions™) -- recorded Jan. 2015, released March 6, 2016
 * 2013:   Dan Krimm, "Last Chance Jazz" (Another Pass Productions™) -- original tunes mastered for audio release
 * 2011:   Dan Krimm, "Sentience 25th Anniversary digitally re-mastered edition" (Another Pass Productions™)
 * 2011:   Dan Krimm, "Subtle Truth 20th Anniversary digital edition" (Another Pass Productions™)
 * 1993:   Dan Krimm, "Last Chance Jazz" (live concert video)
 * 1991:   Dan Krimm Ensemble, "Subtle Truth" (Overtone Records)
 * 1990:   Dan Krimm, "Extra Basses" (unreleased demo) -- multitrack arrangements, all with bass overdubs
 * 1986:   Dan Krimm, "Sentience" (Overtone Records) -- guest artists: Marty Fogel (sax), Vic Juris (guitar)

Band Member:

 * 2010:   Fortune Smiles, "Fortune Smiles" (Fortune's Miles Productions)


 * 2006:   Rich West, "Heavenly Breakfast" (pfMENTUM)
 * 2001:   Arlette Beauchamps, "Love Again" (Ren-e-sants Records)
 * 1996:   Margo Hennebach, "Michaelean" (1-800-PRIME-CD)
 * 1993:   Fast Folk "April 1993, Vol.7 No.1" (Fast Folk) -- Margo Hennebach, "It's a Hard Life"
 * 1991:   Margo Hennebach, "Margo Hennebach" (1-800-PRIME-CD)
 * 1980:   Anthony Branker, "For the Children" -- with Stanley Jordan; Branker's senior thesis


 * 2019:   Pascale Elia, "And We Still Dream" -- lyrics to "Dolphin Dance" by Herbie Hancock (video)
 * 2000:   Diane Hubka, "Look No Further" (Challenge A-Records) -- lyrics to "Dolphin Dance" by Herbie Hancock